Park Reservations

Planning a party at a City Park? Contact the Bentwood Golf Superintendent at (620) 356-3097 to make your reservation today!

A reservation shall be made to City Hall before participating in the following activities:

  1. Any activity requiring or seeking exclusive use of any park or park facility such as the large group shelter or softball fields at Frazier Park.
  2. Any activity or use of a park or facility which amounts to a special activity or event not normal to every day park use and activity.
  3. Any activity or use of a park or facility by a group which will exceed 100 persons in number in attendance.

The purpose of this reservation is to determine priority of use on a "first come — first serve" basis, for a facility or park and to insure that adequate facilities are provided to accommodate the group wanting to use the park or facility.

Read the Rules & Regulations here.