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409 W Miller Ave
Ulysses, KS 67880
Monday - Friday 
Closed on Holidays
Superintendent: Ruben Flores
Foreman- Adam Salas
In the event of an emergency, please call the Law Enforcement Center 620-356-3500

Water Works

Water is such a precious resource. You pay for every drop, whether you use it wisely or waste it. View current water rates here.
Leaks and continually running toilets can cause a high water bill!
Water Meter Applications (Submit to Building Inspections Dept.)
To discontinue your service please contact City Hall.
City of Ulysses water tower- The Ulysses water tower was built in 1957 and holds 300,000 gallons. It is 150' to the top of the tower. The tower stores water and helps maintain steady water pressure throughout the system. Water is pumped from the reservoirs into the town lines. The water that isn't used by the town goes into the tower for storage. When the tower gets low on water a pump automatically turns on to fill the tower. 
Hand held Meter Reading Equipment- The City of Ulysses is currently using a computerized hand held meter reader. Water works crew read the meters and enter the data into the device. The readings are then downloaded into the Data Summit System, which computes the bills to be sent out to the customers.
Water Well Testing- For information about having your water well tested contact Southwest Kansas Local Environmental Planning Group (LEPG) at 1-800-794-4361. 
Water Dept. Workers:
Adam Salas
Dustin Strickland
Alex Galindo
Jim DeLeon