City Shop
409 W Miller Ave
Ulysses, KS 67880
Monday - Friday 
Closed on Holidays
Superintendent: Ruben Flores
Foreman: Rudy Castilleja
In the event of an emergency, please call the Law Enforcement Center 620-356-3500

Street Dept.

Our Purpose- The Ulysses Streets Dept.'s purpose is to build and maintain better streets for the residents and visitors of our city. They also strive to correct problem drainage areas throughout the city, on a regular basis. The grade operator grades dirt streets and alleys as needed throughout the year. The street sweeper cleans the streets over a period of two weeks as weather permits.
Street Dept. Workers:
Rudy Castilleja
Juan Anguiano
Bartolo Aboytes
Luis Marquez
Jose Alvarado
Joe Valdez