210 E Central Ave.
Ulysses, KS 67880
(620) 356-3500
Emergency- 9-1-1
Kansas Highway Patrol
KBI (Kansas Bureau of Investigation)

Law Enforcement in your area

Do you know the difference in Law Enforcement Dept.'s in your area? Below is an explanation to help citizens who are unsure.
Local Law Enforcement
The Police Dept. is charged with enforcing the laws of the City of Ulysses and state of KS within the geographic limits of the City and on any property outside of City limits that is owned by the City.
The Grant County Sheriff's Dept. is charged with the operation of County Jail for use by the state, the County or any political subdivisions within said county. The Sheriff's Dept. is also charged with the service of Civil Process and enforcing the laws of the state of KS within the geographic limits of the County. 620-356-3500
State Law Enforcement
(Highway Patrol)
The Kansas Highway Patrol enforces traffic and motor vehicle laws within the state of Kansas.  The administrative phone number for the Kansas Highway Patrol is 620-276-3201
So, who do you call? 
If you live in Ulysses or within the city limits when an incident occurs you should call the Police Dept.
If you live outside of the city limits in the county you should call the Sheriff's Dept. 
In the event of an emergency, no matter where you are, dial 9-1-1. A dispatcher will send the appropriate Law Enforcement to the location of the incident.