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Superintendent: Ruben Flores
Foremen: Rudy Castilleja, Adam Salas
Office Asst.: Joyan Romero
Mechanic: Craig Coulter
In the event of an emergency, please call the Law Enforcement Center 620-356-3500

City Shop

Water Meter Applications (Submit to Building Inspections Dept.)

Helpful Information

Cold Weather Advisory:
A 'trickle' of water from your kitchen or bathroom faucet could help to avoid the freezing of water pipes during subzero temperatures.
WARNING!! DO NOT apply flames to frozen water pipes. DO NOT attempt to thaw the City water meter.
Call a plumber or use a hair dryer or electric heat tape and insulation on private lines. Call the City at 356-1271 or 356-4600 for water meter thawing. After hours, call the Law Enforcement Center at 356-3500.