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Building & Inspections Dept.

Our Purpose:

The Building & Inspection's/Code Enforcement Department's purpose is to protect and ensure public health, safety and property values through enforcement of City and County building, health, environmental and zoning codes as well as the subdivision regulations in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan.



Richard Banes
Building Official/Code Enforcement
Feb 2011-Present

Natalie Anguiano
Code Enforcement/Web Manager
May 2007-Present 
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Contractor Information

All licensed contractors needing inspections are asked to give at least 24 hrs notice to insure that the Building Official is available.  
Backflow Prevention-
Residential lawn sprinklers have required backflow perventers that must be tested upon installation by a licensed device tester. Periodic testing keeps drinking water from being contaminated by weed killers, fertilizers or pesticides. Owners may install it in their own sprinkler system or hire a licensed contractor. Permits are required for sprinkler systems and available at the Inspections Dept. The cost is 5.00. Solvent cement should not be purple in color and primer shall be purple.

Testing Information

Zoning Regulations

Ulysses Adopted Building Codes

1997 Uniform Building Code
1994 Uniform Plumbing Code
1999 National Electrical Code
1997 Uniform Mechanical Code


Q: When is a permit required?
A: All residents within the three mile jurisdiction are required to obtain permits. Building permits are required when erecting or constructing any new building, structure or addition with a roof or placement of a mobile home, including basements, garages, sheds and fences. Also, for repairing or remodeling projects. They are also required when demolishing a residential building that is not connected to gas, sewer or water lines and less than 200 square feet in total floor area. Please refer to Chapter 4, Article 1, Sec 4-104 for further details or you may either call or stop by our office.
Q: Do I need a drawing of my project?
A: Yes, all plans must be reviewed and approved by the Building Official prior to starting construction.
Q: How much will a building permit cost?
A: Building permits are a base fee of 20.00 plus .05 per sq ft of building. Remodels are based on value @ 2.00 per thousand with a minimum fee of 20.00.
Q: What do I need in order to get a permit?
A: When obtaining a Building permit, we ask that you bring in a drawing of your plans to be approved by the Building Official, this would include a site plan of the property showing where the proposed building or fence is to be placed. Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing permits normally do not require a drawing of your plans. If the owner is not doing the work, the contractor is recommended to purchase these permits. You must make sure that your contractor is licensed with the City of Ulysses. Permits are issued at City Hall during normal business hours. 
Q: What is the wind/snow load?
A: 70 mph / 20 lbs
Q: What is the frost depth:
A: 30 inches below soil line