Ulysses Animal Control
1600 N Road I.
Ulysses, KS 67880
(620) 356-3500
Emergency- 9-1-1
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City of Ulysses Animal Control

The City of Ulysses Animal Control Officer is dedicated to perform duties for the City in the enforcement of ordinances and statutes related to the control of animals and the operation of the animal shelter.
What Citizens Can Do:
  • Spay and neuter your pets. Their behavior improves and fewer unwanted animals are born.
  • Confine your pets properly. The animals will be safe and will not be problem for your neighbors.
  • Vaccinate your pets and see that they receive proper medical care.
  • License your dogs and see that the tags are on them at all times.
  • Attach identification tags to your pets' collars with current telephone numbers. A lost pet can be quickly returned with this simple "trick".
  • Don't let your dog bark all the time--he's not being a good watch dog, he's simply bored and is now driving your neighbors nuts. Make him part of the family!
  • Join or start a Neighborhood Watch and make animal related problems a priority.

When reporting an Animal Control Problem:
  •  Provide accurate information, such as addresses and specific locations.
  • Your identity will be kept confidential; we will ask for your phone number in case we need more information from you and to follow-up with any progress.
  • Be willing to confine a stray dog for pick up. If the dog remains loose, he may be gone when the Animal Control Officer arrives. And of course the dog will return alter. The problem has not been solved.



Q: Interested in adopting a pet? A: All animals under healthy conditions are adoptable. Contact Animal Control for more details on what animals are available for adoption.
Q: What are the normal business hours for Animal Control? A: Normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Q: How do I contact Animal Control?

A: You can contact Animal Control by calling the Law Enforcement Center @ (620) 356-3500
Q: Can/Where can I donate to the City of Ulysses Animal shelter? A: Donations are greatly appreciated and are welcome. Any donations for the City of Ulysses Animal Shelter may be dropped off at the Law Enforcement Center located @ 210 E Central Ave. or City Hall.
Q: What are the regulations for pit bulls? A: Click here to read the City Code regarding pit bulls.

Anonymous Tips for Animal Control

If you would like to report animal abuse or submit a general anonymous tip, please do so here. Please include address of the area in which you are contacting Animal Control about. Complaints or tips submitted after normal business hours of Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm, will not be viewed until the next business day. Note: if you have an emergency, please call the Law Enforcement Center at 620-356-3500 or dial 911. If you would like to be contacted, please include your contact information.
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